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Dawn Harris, DNP,RN, CNL, Owner

"Providing more than expected" 

Advanced Care Group, Inc.

The licensed health care professionals at Advanced Health Consulting & Training turn homes into healing environments. Whatever your needs may be, we are kind, caring, compassionate, prompt, dependable and professional, with extra TLC for you. We are licensed professionals looking to provide quality Nursing care to your loved one. We are here to provide the nursing care and services necessary to people with developmental challenges, helping them grow to their full potential as a person, family member and citizen within their community.

Advanced Care Group, Inc.

Advanced Health Consulting & Training believes that every individual it serves is unique and has a reachable potential in both their personal, family and community life. We will strive to understand each individual’s wants and needs. We will work with and alongside of each individual to implement the nursing services and resources that best help the individual reach their goals and potential.

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At Advanced Health Consulting & Training we know it is so important to take the time to work with people and know that they are receiving the level of training that they deserve. We work hard to maintain the top level of training and to make sure the people we work with are happy.


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APD Regions 3 & 4

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Dawn Harris, DNP, RN, CNL, Owner
Office Phone Number: (941) 441-0775
Email: excelsishealthllc.com