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Jacksonville, FL

(904) 465-5471

About BEH Elderly Care llc

We strive to show the people we serve that they are strong. We work hard to let everyone know how important each and every day is. We care about what you think and we want you to be happy. We want you to see us as your friend not just a care giver. We know it is so important to work side by side with the Waiver Support Coordinator and the family to make sure all of your needs are taken care of every day in every way.

We are providing residential care services to consumers with mental and developmental disabilities in a family like setting to meet the physical, mental and developmental needs. While striving to provide education, exposure, learning and self help instruction by experienced staff, who assist our consumers in achieving the highest level of independence.

Let us show you the way you should be treated.



Services We Provide

BEH Elderly Cares manager has great experiences in providing care to consumers with physical and mental disabilities. Our staff has been selected through profound screening to meet the challenges of the new century to meet the new demands on the medical field. They are required to attend continuing educational in services to stay up to date with the latest discoveries, regulations, and treatments in the disabilities field. BEH Elderly Care llc strives to maintain a qualified team willing to help meet the goals of each patient's plan of treatment. We seek to find caregivers who interact with kindness and compassion. We want to see you happy.

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Contact Information

BEH Elderly Care LLC
597 Edge wood Ave South
Jacksonville FL, 32219

Contact: Beatrice Hall
Office Phone Number: (904) 465-5471