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Cascadia House is devoted to being very person centered.
We also provide the best quality care around the clock.
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The Cascadia House mission is to provide help and services to individuals with disabilities in a family-like environment.  These services include the following: teaching self-help and independent living skills; teaching and encouraging leisure and recreational skills and activities; providing coaching regarding community participation; and providing direct instruction in social interaction and communication skills.  Cascadia House LLC.


Cascadia House encourages all residents to assist in planning activities, events, and expects that all residents participate to the best of their abilities and interests.


Cascadia House LLC.


Cascadia House also wants parents to interact effectively and positively with us to help their respective child or family member. We attempt to maximize interactions between group home personnel, residents, and their parents by arranging frequent visits, meetings, and training opportunities.  Specific instruction and treatment will be based on the principles and strategies derived from behavior analytic Cascadia House LLC.research and philosophy. 

One Of Cascadia House most important goal is to create an environment in which each resident receives necessary assistance and encouragement. Also while maintaining safety standards and practices that reassure parents (or other family members) that Cascadia House is the best possible environment for each of the residents.

The Owner/ Manager oversees the Group Home daily to ensure it is properly operated to give best care to our residents.
If you would like a tour of the home or know of any client that would like to live in a fun, happy, loving home.

Cascadia House LLC.


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