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Sarasota , FL



Mission Statement

Excelsior Omega, Inc. is very capable of giving your loved ones the quality care they deserve. We understand that family is the most important thing to all of us. We know the difficulties of entrusting your family member(s) to someone else. Our Home Health Aides are patient and caring. We welcome you with open arms and warm hearts.

More about Us

We would like you to know that the people that we serve are the most important thing to us. We want people with disabilities to be able to live just like everyone. We help people to be as independent as possible and to be ready to live there life in the world.Excelsior Omega, Inc.

Services We Provide

Area Served

APD District 23

Waivers Served

Contact Information

Jacqueline Dorelien
Office Phone Number: 941-371-4091

Cell Phone Number: 941-807-9657

Excelsior Omega, Inc.
15 Dade Ave
Sarasota, Florida 34232