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Saint Petersburg, Florida

(727) 545 9333

Friends & Families Support Center, Inc.

FFSC promotes community integration and mainstreaming individuals through community hands on activities. We take great pride in developing interests within the consumers we serve to be an active member of the community in which they reside. We believe that within every DISability �lies "ABILITY" in everyone we serve. (Thanks M. DiGrazia)

Services We Provide


FFSC has created a unique environment that maintains arts, sports, recreational, leisure theme, while catering to the needs of the consumers we serve. We attend and participate daily in local community activities to allow individuals the most opportunity in learning what is available to them in the community. We work towards teaching and developing appropriate social and interactive skills, teamwork, safety and skill refinement and increasing overall levels of self independence. Call for free monthly calendar of events/outings



FFSC has caring, well trained individuals to assist in providing the personal care and support that consumers often need. We strive to not just assist and ensure health and safety; but, to teach and empower individuals to learn to gain maximum levels of independence in their care.



When it comes to respite, the need to have a much needed break or to simply get out and enjoy life; FFSC will provide professional staff ( background checked ) to help in providing the best possible health and safety of your loved ones.



FFSC provides transport to individuals as needed to assist in comunity integration. Call us for your transport needs. Wheelchair transport is limited.



FFSC uses professional, responsible individuals to assist consumers in developing social skills, safety and appropriate social interactions while in/out of the community. Our companions are taught to focus on achieving goals as related to the consumers wants, desires and wishes. Companions assist consumers in mainstreaming and building new interests within the community.


Areas Served

Waivers Served

Contact Information

Sean MacVicar

Office Phone Number: (727) 545 9333

Cell Phone Number (727) 244-4334

Fax Number (727) 545 9111


Friends & Families Support Center, Inc

5030 78TH AVE. N.  STE. 8  PINELLAS PARK FL 33781