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Jacksonville, Florida

(904) 268-2552

Homebound Alternatives, Inc. has been meeting the transportation needs of Medwaiver consumers in Duval County since 1997.  Rather than large, multi-passenger vans with multiple stops on each trip, we use mid-size sedans. Unfortunately, we do not provide lifts for wheelchairs and motorized chairs.

We never drive more than one person at a time. That way, our passengers can enjoy one-on-one service right from their front door and directly to the entrance of their work or day program. Our family-like sedans and staff (all moms!) ensure a trustful, caring atmosphere each day. 

That’s why many of our passengers have been riding with us for as many as 20 years! We also know that direct communication is the building block of any solid relationship. Our drivers immediately share any matters of concern they observe with caretakers.  Open communication, trust and honesty between drivers, passengers, family and support staff is at the heart of what we offer. 

Mission Statement:

Homebound Alternatives, Inc. is a family owned and operated transportation business in Duval County, Florida.

We strive: 

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A Dedicated Medwaiver Transportation Provider
Sara Moore, Director
Office: (904) 268-2552

Homebound Alternatives, Inc.
4639 Ramona Blvd
Jacksonville, Florida 32205