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Palmetto, Florida

(941) 526-6760

Love Assured Inc.

Love Assured Inc is a New Agency Provider in the Suncoast region. We have over 8 years of experience assisting and teaching individuals with all forms of disabilities, from profoundly severe to higher functioning in different service position at various agencies throughout Florida. I am dedicated to advocating, teaching and assisting individuals with disabilities to reach their best potential. So I invite you to contact me at anytime if I may be of any assistance.

Services We Provide

Areas Served

Waivers Served

Contact Information

Deborah Dunham
Office Phone Number: (941) 526-6760 or (941) 524-7039
Email: ddmomma31@netzero

Love Assured Inc.

1180 8th Avenue West # 140 Palmetto, Fl 34221