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The mission of Priority Assistance Services Inc is to have high ethical standards, principles and heart, we will commit ourselves to providing clients with the best in home and community care possible.

We believe that our clients deserve compassionate, honest, and reliable care from top health care professionals who go the extra mile to provide it. At People Cares clients goals are very important and we will strive to keep our goals for the client in line with the desires of the client, family and there Waiver Support Coordinator. In order to make this happen, each employee will take genuine care and ownership in his or her duties and responsibilities toward each client.

While our employees provide this care, Priority Assistance Services Inc will strive to help them meet their needs and reach their professional goals. Providing for our employees will assure that we maintain only the top health care professionals.

Priority Assistance Services Inc also recognizes its responsibility to the home health care industry and will be uncompromising in its drive to be above reproach in all areas of business ethics and standards.

Finally, we recognize that to achieve all this, communication is the key. Communication between client, family, your Waiver Support Coordinator and our staff will allow us to provide the kind of care we would want for our own loved ones.

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Priority Assistance Services Inc
Goals And Objectives

1. To provide comprehensive, quality client and clients family-oriented home health care.

2. To address in the clients plan of care, the clients unique physical, physiological, psychological and psychosocial needs.

3. To assist the client and clients family to make choices and decisions about health care services relative to the clients specific needs.

4. To involve the clients family in the plan of care whenever possible and appropriate.

5. To encourage the clients and family to collaborate actively with health care staff members and other health providers regarding the provision of health care services.

6. To advise the client and family of community support services as needed.

7. To serve as a resource for the client, clients family and community.

8. To provide health education for the client, family and community.

9. To ensure appropriate documentation of services.

10. To care for our employees as they care for our clients.

11. To be above reproach in our ethics and have zero tolerance for any abuse or fraud.

12. To be experts in communication within the agency as well as with our clients and their physicians.


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Priority Assistance Services Inc
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