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St. Petersburg, Florida

(727) 526-0816

The home has an opening for one more person. The current home has four clients and they have been in the home since 2002. This is an opportunity for a person to fit into a lovely home that is all about family.

It is License through AHCA as an Adult Family Home. I have lived in the home since the inception and can tell you that the clients in the home are like a family to me. They are loved, respected and are welled cared for. We are looking for the right fit. Please call for an interview if you have a client who may be interested. I have extensive references with the client’s families and relatives.

The home is a mild to moderate home with few behavior issues. The client would share a bedroom with another housemate. The slideshow above shows are of the home. It is unlike any other. Hurry, I only have room for one more……….Please keep in touch as I also hope to be opening a second group home that is behavior focused. Also see information below for the Adult Day training program in Seminole. We have room for 3 full time or part time clients in our adult day training program. We are only excepting 6 clients. The slideshow pictures are some of the activities we do in and out the home. Permission was given to use the photos in the slideshow.


More About Our Home

The facility is located at 9497 Antilles Dr., Seminole, Fl 33776. This is actually a home that has been approved by APD, licensed and insured per requirements. The home is actually 2400 sq. ft. and is on an acre of land. The swimming pool is on the back of the property and has a heater for winter use. A garden area and planting area will be a situated on the property for consumer use and maintained if so desired as a part of EARTH Care.


Services We Provide


About Our Adult Day Training Program, In Seminole Florida.

Adult Day Training services include emphasizing the integration of each individual into community life. Independence and development of positive relationships with non-disabled individuals is actively facilitated. Age and culturally appropriate support and training activities are tailored to each person’s choices and needs. Services focus on self-advocacy, adaptive and social skills.

The center is up and ready for clients. We are aligned to begin services at the beginning of December. If you currently have this service you can begin services in December and if not, you will need a service authorization prior to services beginning. However, the availability is for only 3 full time or part time clients. The center is only excepting 6 clients at this time to provide a family centered atmosphere. If you have a consumer or family member who may be interested in the program please contact Niece Jochims at 433-2542 for an interview. The ratio for service will be 1 to 6. All must be ambulatory at this time. Should you need references please let me know and we can provide them.


Program Curriculum:

Include but are not limited to the following areas.

Program activities listed below will be a part of the Adult Day Training:


This is a list of annual events in the home:


About the Director

Wendy Johnson has been involved with persons with disabilities for the past 17 years. She has a daughter who currently attends Northeast High in the special needs program. She has worked for Adult Care Housing, Inc. for the past 3 years doing NRSS in the field and was Co-director for Consumer needs in the home. She is an advocate for the rights of individuals with disabilities and currently lives on the property with her daughter. Her background and life experiences in this field are remarkable. She not only is a concerned loving parent, but also has outstanding life experiences with the Developmentally Disabled. Her gentle, yet convincing and maternal attitude is an attribute to everyone directly in her life. An Asset to any program she has been involved with.


About the Co-Director

Niece Jochims Currently has an Adult family home located in St. Petersburg, and is expanding services to provide Adult Day Training. She has had the home for 5 years and lives in the home with the consumers. She has had the same consumers for 5 years and each of the women in her home has become a part of her family. She graduated from the University of Ne. Omaha in 1980 and was a teacher for 10 years. She has a sister who is disabled and is actively involved with her.


Contact Information For The Home

Niece Jochims
Adult Care Housing, Inc.
1762 72nd Ave. NE
Saint Petersburg, Fl 33702
Provider #684228396
Home # 727- 526-0816
Cell # 727-433 2542


Contact Information For The Adult Day Training Center

Niece Jochims
Antilles Court
9497 Antilles Drive
Seminole Florida, 33776
Provider #684228396
Or 727-458-0281