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Fort Pierce , Florida


The Care Center is looking forward to serving you, and or your loved one, in most any compacity that you need in health care. Quality along with experience is what we offer you for service, and there is a lot of both. My wife, Marjorie, has been a RN for 28 Years, most of them in administration. She lives and loves what she does. We are both educated in the service we provided and work together to make sure nothing but quality is provided. We have completed 40 hours of Personal Outcome Measure Training, to ensure that your life and how you live it is your choice to live and have. Our staff is also educated the same to ensure the same quality is administered to you and yours. Our group homes are called Stuart Florida Beacon of Hope and Port St. Lucie Beacon of Hope and we are looking forward to work with you. God Bless.

Yours Truly- Owner and Operators: Jesse and Marjorie Walker

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Office Phone Number: 772-595-6373
Cell Phone Number: 772-519-0878
Fax Number: 772-595-1066

The Care Center for Developmental Kids Corp.
3109 Ave D
Fort Pierce, Florida 34948