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St. Petersburg, Florida

(727) 432-3582

Christina’s House

Tucked in a quiet residential neighborhood yet close to all essential amenities necessary for daily living. All interior and exterior living areas are spacious, comfortable and welcoming. A Registered Nurse with over 30 years experience owns, operates and lives in house. We welcome you like family and strive for best quality outcomes.

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Christina’s House

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Christina’s nephew Mark has CP and was raised by his mom at home. Christina participated frequently in his care & upbringing. He now lives in a Group Home in New York. Christina has been an RN for 33 years and she and her husband live in their Foster Home with the residents. Working with AHCA, Medicaid Waiver and the auditing process for Quality Outcomes is a role Christina is familiar and comfortable with. Christina takes her residents to all key doctor appointments and communicates with appropriate team members on a regular basis.


We have been told by those that work with us that “your services are well above average and we are treated like we are part of your family…”


Consumers we accept should be 18 years and older, ambulatory (in the home). Ideally consumers attend Alternative Day Programs, but not mandatory. House Manager’s spouse is an excellent cook and manages all nutritional needs, working with each individual consumer.


The “niche” at Christina’s House” is focused on the “aging” consumer who is developing chronic medical ailments and conditions that are better managed by a nurse

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Christina’s House LLC

6068 3rd Avenue North

St. Petersburg, Florida 33710

Office Phone Number: (727) 432-3582
Fax Number: (727) 289-5722