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Palm Coast, FL

(386) 237-1357


M.H. Tender Care Inc. is a unique company. We pride ourselves in being Palm Coast's only "boutique" assisted living facility. Both of our locations have a maximum capacity of six permanent residents which allows for more intimate and personalized care. Our employees are passionate and truly care about what they do, as a result your loved ones are served with the utmost compassion, respect, and integrity.

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M.H. Tender Care Inc.

We have 2 locations to serve you.


APD Approved
Assisted Living Facility
9 Winwood Place
Palm Coast, FL 32164

A non Approved APD Assisted Living Facility
9 Pondersos Lane
Palm Coast, FL 32164


Contact Information

Office Phone Number: (386) 447-8887
Cell Phone Number: (386) 237-1357


What Makes Us Unique?