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Bradenton, Florida.

(813) 685-6752

Sisters Helping Hands Inc. is dedicated to providing safe, quality services and to assist individuals with development disabilities with finding their place in society.

With the help of natural supports, our staff, and the individual’s families, we will teach the individual to lead productive everyday lives. We help individuals achieve the quality of life they desire and to see that their dignity and respect is protected.

Sisters Helping Hands Inc. will also teach the individuals that we serve that they have the freedom of choice and that they do not have to be a subject to any form of abuse. We strive as life teaches to explore and expose independence so that one day they will do the same.


Services We Provide#

Areas Served

Waivers Served

*For Personal Care Assistance - Please note that participation in the Developmental Disabilities Waiver program allows for these services to be provided ONLY to clients being served under the waiver.
AHCA Provider #230610


Our vision is to see that individuals are assisted with building a support network with natural supports and with paid professionals.

Sisters Helping Hands Inc. will emphasize on personal empowerment and dignity to overcome challenges or barriers to living independently in the community.

Sisters Helping Hands Inc. will assist in providing individuals the opportunity for freedom of choice, to exercise their rights and to live safely and independently in the community.

Sisters Helping Hands Inc. will recognize the uniqueness of each individual’s needs and will facilitate their progress in reaching their goals.

Sisters Helping Hands Inc. will assist the individuals in accessing independently their medical and dental care for themselves.

Sisters Helping Hands Inc. will show that people with disabilities can lead a normal, safe, independent life and teach them that they deserve to have the same life as you and I.

Service Codes:

SLC – 97535

IHSS – 97537

Companion – S5135

PCA – T1019

Respite – S5151

FLS Waiver – IHSS – U9

Contact Information

Sisters Helping Hands Inc.
Office Phone Number: (813) 685-6752
Fax (813) 653-0402
1463 Oakfield Dr. Suite 126
Bradenton, FL. 33511

Shirley Butler-Wagner, Owner
Pamela Presnell is our Office manager
Debra Meadows is assistant manager
E-mail address:

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